beta365网站 has revolutionized the field of eye tracking technology by developing eye trackers that work for basically any user without requiring any manual adjustments. Our eye trackers combine excellent accuracy and precision with an extremely high tolerance for large head movements and a variety of environments.




  • Accurate and precise to ensure researchers get the most reliable research results
  • Unrestrained and unobtrusive so researchers can capture natural human behavior
  • Capable of robust tracking so researchers can work efficiently with a wide cross section of the population
  • Easy to use and automatic so a variety of researchers can use the technology without needing extensive training and get results within a short time frame


Perfecting eye tracking technology to function automatically and be accurate and precise for all types of people and all types of conditions, 即使是在用户大量移动的情况下, 这是一个非常艰难的挑战吗.

Every year beta365网站 invests a considerable proportion of its revenue in research and development, most of which is earmarked for eye tracking technology and product development. Our R&D staff has 80 engineers, ten percent of whom have a PhD. The team comprises some of the world's leading experts in optronics, 图像处理, 数学, 编程, and, 当然, eye tracking (eye tracking technology and applied eye tracking).



A number of clearly distinguishable technological innovations contribute to the superior performance of our eye trackers.

  • TrueEye. Creates a unique physiological 3D model of each individual's eyes. Enables much more accurate compensation for head movements and pupil drift than any other product on the market.
  • 双核传感器技术. "3D vision" using double-image sensors enables a truly accurate measurement of the distance from the sensor to the user's eyes. Improves accuracy, precision, tracking robustness and contributes to the TrueEye model.
  • 高质量的传感器. High resolution of each eye is critical to reduce noise and obtain good precision. High sensitivity is a prerequisite for a large track box.
  • 精确的传感器控制. 有助于高抽样率, gives perfectly consistent sampling rates and an accurate timestamp of each data point.
  • 嵌入式处理. The eye tracker has its own dedicated processor and operating system integrated into the system. Because the system runs completely independent of computers and other software, 它独立于, 例如, Windows升级.


beta365网站 has an extensive patent portfolio to protect its unique proprietary technologies. These patents and patent applications cover aspects such as sensor technology, 照明方法, data transfer mechanisms and eye control interaction techniques.