Many manufacturers are currently battling the skills gap and grappling with the challenges of adapting to new technology, 但解决这些问题的办法可能在望.   

培训 业务操作

There are few experiences in life more stressful than training for a new job. 你处在一个陌生的环境中, 结识新朋友, 学习新规则, 在新经理的显微镜下测试新技能, 努力给人留下好的第一印象, 破解职场政治, 填写表单, 学习的名字, 建立的例程, 记忆的平面布置图, 顺便说一下, you also have to learn to successfully perform the tasks that you have been hired to do! 对雇员和雇主都适用, 在新工作场所的头几周可能是非常具有挑战性的, and an effective training program can mean the difference between embarking on a lifelong career and heading back to the job listings.


那么,是什么让“有效”呢? 员工培训程序? 当然好的教练, 好手册, 良好的沟通, 好的评价是至关重要的, but beyond these traditional ingredients it’s also worth looking to technology as a source of inspiration and innovation. The trick is to find high-tech tools that have a positive impact on both sides of the equation: (1) easing/expediting/improving the experience for the 员工 (2)简化/削减成本,减少错误 雇主.

Eye tracking is one such tool that has been shown to have a dramatic impact on the training process. 


Eye tracking is a sophisticated technology built to do a very simple thing – record the visual attention of a person while they’re performing a task. 就是这样! 如果你问最有经验的人, 非常高效。, and productive 员工 at work to wear beta365网站职业 Glasses 2 while performing his or her job, you have created a dynamic second-by-second video recording of their process from start to finish with nothing embellished and nothing omitted. 这包括:

  • 他或她在任务中所看到的一切
  • 每一个开关,按钮,杠杆,或钥匙是占线的
  • 与同事、标识、屏幕和手册的每一次互动
  • 每一个错误,问题和错误的纠正
  • 每一个让你成功的不成文的,不说出口的,无意识的习惯.

我还可以在这个列表上再加一些要点, but the best way to illustrate what an eye tracking recording of job performance provides is to show one.


Tacit Knowledge is information that is difficult or impossible to transfer from one person to another in written or verbal form. 这个定义可以应用于 很多 of professions out there, including blue collar, white collar, and no collar work. 以你自己的工作为例. 想想向一个新手解释所有的规则是多么具有挑战性, 的指导方针, 快捷键, 启发式, 安全检查, 中休息一下精神, 还有帮你度过一天的黑客. 非常困难,不是吗? 现在想象一下,如果不是解释你工作的每个方面, there was a way for a new 员工 to simply watch effective performance through your own eyes. 这是beta365网址追踪的优势吗, the ability to simply and effectively communicate the incommunicable to new hires


图片:凝视的例子 从新手和专家质量保证检查员策划. With eye tracking you're able to compare and aggregate data on visual attention.


The feedback that we’ve received from our clients has been overwhelmingly positive. An automotive company that uses beta365网站职业 reported a 50% decrease in the time required to train new staff. 一家化学公司能够将缺陷检测率提高到原来的四倍. An aluminum foundry estimated that the use of eye tracking will save them 400 training hours per year, 仅仅在一个部门. 这些数据表明, 能够创建培训视频, 通知培训流程, and revise training manuals with real human attention data as a guide is incredibly powerful. It’s about more than just using a high-tech gadget with “wow” value; it’s about revolutionizing training with real ROI. Now more than ever before companies are turning to eye tracking to improve their training for a number of reasons:

  • Low-key eye trackers: Systems like beta365网站职业 Glasses 2 and beta365网站职业纳米 allow unobtrusive eye tracking of real 员工s performing real tasks without interruption.
  • An aging workforce: The knowledge that leaves with the retiring baby boomer generation is priceless. Recording their performance through eye tracking and sharing it with their replacements is an 非常高效。 means of transferring that tacit knowledge to the future.
  • Language-neutral training: The translation requirements for international training can be costly and time-consuming. 学习ing from watching eye tracking footage can reduce or demolish language barriers.
  • A virtual tomorrow: With VR slowly creeping into training and onboarding processes, the ability to record and analyze attention will be critical in our new virtual training centers.
  • Tech enthusiasm: 培训 might previously have been described as an “old school” industry, 但它最近接受了新技术, 比如增强现实技术和生物识别技术. 这也为beta365网址追踪打开了大门.
  • The bottom line: The high monetary and resource cost of onboarding 员工s has always been a regrettable certainty of managing a workforce. Many businesses are now realizing that shaving a few hours off training time, 加快实现专业技能的进程, or reducing the error rate of new 员工s can translate to millions in savings. beta365网址可以帮忙.

I could go on and on about the benefits of eye tracking in professional training or I could share with you a sample of training material that was built from worker attention data and you can see for yourself:



Mike Bartels is the director of marketing research and user experience for beta365网站职业 in North America. He has a master’s degree in experimental psychology and 12 years of experience within the field of eye-tracking research and attention measurement, 横跨一系列商业和学术领域的不同领域. His publications include eye tracking–related articles for several marketing research magazines including Quirks, QRCA视图, MRA警报, and a book chapter in Eye Tracking in User Experience Design (published in 2014 by Schall and Bergstrom). He has presented at several scientific conferences including the Human-Computer Interaction International Conference, IIEX与眼动跟踪研究与应用会议