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发现 how eye tracking is used to understand human behavior. We explore the many applications of eye tracking as an assessment and research tool, 分享专业知识, 建议及个案研究.

How to choose the right eye tracker, without having price be the only guide

We will walk you through the common questions to consider when budgeting for the cost of a new eye tracking system so you choose the right eye tracker the first time.


Exciting ways that eye tracking is aiding education research

Eye tracking is helping researchers make strides in the field of education research.



How car manufacturers are using eye tracking to keep us comfortable and safe behind the wheel


Reimagining attention: Boosting advert effect with eye tracking insights

How advertisers are using eye tracking to reframe their understanding of advert attention.


4 Key Benefits of Eye Tracking to Highlight in your Grant Proposal

Four main points to highlight in your grant proposals to provide convincing reasons why your proposal should be funded.


How eye tracking enhances karate referee training

采访伊莫拉Szebényi, 青年空手道区总教练, on using eye tracking to train referees and athletes.

Woman looking at a computer emotion recognition

Amplify advertising effect using facial emotion recognition

The market research expert Magnus Linde explains with an example study, why and how testing ad concepts for emotional impact can improve the success of commercials.

A couple in the street using beta365网站 Pro眼镜

5 advancements in eye tracking for consumer research

Integrating eye tracking into market research studies has not always been a walk in the park, but today's wearable eye trackers have overcome numerous of barriers. Let us take a closer look at the developments that make eye tracking research in the real world easier than ever.

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